Who We Are

The history of Fiagril mixes with the settlement process of Mato Grosso, intensified from the 80’s on. Founded in 1989, its entrepreneurship, inovation and use of cutting edge technology, it decisively contributed to changing paradigms like infertility of the Cerrado and to the sustainable development, which over these two decades, turned the Middle- North of Mato Grosso into the largest grain producer region in the country.

Focused on the supply of fertilizers, pesticides and services for the rural sector and also grain origination, Fiagril is a company settled in Lucas do Rio Verde/MT. In 2011 it extended its operations to the state of Tocantins, starting up a new chapter in its history of contribution to food production, clean and renewable power, and the planet sustainability.

This culture- translated in its mission, vision, values and code of conduct- expresses the corporative DNA itself and was assimilated by its more than 700 collaborators, being present in all the activities developed in the operational units in several communities. The same commitment and dynamism responsable for the accomplishment of the goal of becoming a national reference in agribusiness until 2015, according to its corporative vision and strategic planning.

Other Activities

The trading of pesticides originated the Fiagril activities. With differentiated performance in all the Middle-North of Mato Grosso, currently, the company also supplies fertilizers, seeds and specialized technical assistance to the culture of soybean, corn, cotton, milo, beans and rice.

Structured in the main rural centers of Mato Grosso, Fiagril transmits the necessary security and trust during the whole food production cycle.

Making use of the best products and technologies available in the market, systematic monitoring and technical recommendations, its team gives plain support to agriculture and improves sustainable development in the main grain producer region of the country, a model that has been expanding to other regions of the country.

Sustainability Projects

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Buritis Program

The project:
It aims to contribute to reverse the process of degradation in the field through the compliance with the current state legislation, recovery of permanent reservation areas (PPAs) and the establishment of practices that allow sustainabledevelopment of agricultural activity with decrease in the production costs and an increase in productivity.

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A+ Applicator

The project:
Training to guide and enable people from rural areas that handle agrochemicals about the importance of the use of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipments), adjustment of application equipments, correct placement of the biologically active product in the target, necessary amount and in a safe and economic way to reduce environmental impact.

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GHG Offsets and Emissions Inventory

The project:
It measures emission sources and performs voluntary offset through planting of native species of forest trees.

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Industrial Solid Waste Management Plan

The project:
Procedure that defines the management system of solid waste, that is, how the company separates, stores, transports, treats and disposes its waste correctly.

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An Eye on the Oil and Brand New Oil Programs

The project:
Both programs promote awareness and education in the communities involved on the collection of oil waste and fats used in frying to, later, be processed into biodiesel.

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Safe and Sustainable Company Program

The project:
With focus on collaborators, it aims to spread concepts and promote aware consumption and good practices regarding sustainability and safety at work.

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